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reuse knowledge

through monitoring and capturing your modeling and analysis processes you can
saving time,
enhance efficiency and
make collaboration easy.


improve – All in one place. Effortless.

improve combines a global, secure file repository with a robust and versatile modeling management interface for 3rd party tools like NONMEM®, SAS®, S-Plus, R, Perl, Berkeley Madonna, PsN, XPose, batch / shell scripts, etc.. improve lets you submit jobs to local, remote server, grid and cloud services

improve for PK/PD modeling

The main concept behind improve is to cover control and traceability over your complete modeling and simulation workflow while retaining the simplicity and ease of use of a standard file explorer. No matter which analysis, from noncompartmental to multicompartmental models, you choose, improve will keep track of the "who, what, when, where and why" of your data, while you are completely free to make decisions for the analysis you want to perform and which actions you want to take within your 3rd party tool of choice. In one sentence: Whatever you perform with your data, improve will help you to keep track of your files AND your decisions.

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