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Developed for your pharmaceutical R&D processes.

improve introduction

manage, trace and control

all your data and workflow in the field of pharmaceutical modeling & simulation, biostatistical analysis and data science

improve is a repository allowing scientists to perform their daily work, in a secured, validated and versioning-controlled environment. It combines a global, secure file repository with a robust and versatile modeling management interface for third-party tools like NONMEM®, MATLAB®, Monolix®, PharmR/ PharmPy, SAS®, R, PsN, Rstudio and others.

With improve you can easily streamline all your modeling, simulation, analysing and data science efforts while useing your preferred tools.

keep track

The main concept behind improve is that it allows you to control and trace your entire modelling and simulation workflow. No matter which analysis you choose, improve will keep track of the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of your data (21CFR part 11 compliant).

decide freely

You are completely free to make decisions about the analysis you want to perform and which actions you want to take within your third-party tool of choice. In short, whatever actions you perform on your data, improve will help you to keep track of your files and your decisions.

streamlined workflow

Increase efficiency throughout the workflow

Elevate efficiency through automation

Increate your efficiency and reproducibility with improve. From the moment you order data, our software takes the wheel, automatically fetching and transforming datasets from 3rd party systems.

Powered by tools like pharmR for Automated Model Development, every step is streamlined and documented, ensuring data lineage and reproducibility.

Create reports with precision and ease

Unlock the full potential of reporting with improveR and flexible markup languages such as R Markdown and LaTeX. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly craft reports tailored to your needs, whether you're starting from existing templates or building from scratch.

With improveR, you gain access to all your data, and you have the flexibility to create new analysis steps directly from the report script. Plus, our improve> ensures comprehensive data lineage, enabling you to trace your report back to its very beginning, providing unparalleled transparency and control.

Seamless collaboration

improve is designed to be your team's central hub for seamless collaboration. Effortlessly review and share work, whether it's within your organization or across teams. Collaborate in real-time on every facet of your data science workflow, from analysis to creating insightful reports for regulatory authorities.

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