flexible deployment choices

Suitable for all company and team sizes, including academia.

Discover the power of choice with our Deployment Options

Our software can be seamlessly deployed on your premises or leveraged as a managed cloud solution. What's more, it's designed for full integration with third-party systems, including High-Performance Clusters, Clinical Trial Management Systems, and your organization's custom authorization systems. Tailor your improve deployment to fit your unique needs and elevate your workflow efficiency.

improve on premises

Experience unmatched control and data sovereignty

Our on-premises installation option offers you a unique set of advantages. With predictable costs and no subscription fees, you can plan your budget with confidence. Gain complete control over security and exercise authority over your server infrastructure and network, all within the comfort of your company's ownership.

Your IT department manages and operates the platform on your terms. While you maintain control, we've got your back with third-level support, ensuring your platform runs smoothly.

This installation type is ideal for sizable teams with robust IT infrastructure, prioritizing data sovereignty and the convenience of housing everything within their own data centers. Elevate your control and security with our on-premises solution.

effortless installation

we've streamlined the installation procedure for your convenience. We provide a comprehensive installation package, complete with detailed documentation, default settings, and clear instructions for any required customer-specific adaptations.

This ensures a smooth and hassle-free installation experience, allowing you to get up and running quickly while tailoring the platform to your unique requirements.

continuous enhancements

Our maintenance package ensures you stay ahead with regular feature updates and crucial bug fixes. Much like the initial installation experience, you'll receive these updates along with comprehensive documentation.

With our all-inclusive maintenance package, you're guaranteed access to the most recent enhancements and improvements, keeping your platform at the forefront of technology and finely tuned for optimal performance.

comprehensive support

Count on us for exceptional 3rd level support to address user problems and technical issues comprehensively. Our support extends to various aspects, including installation, ongoing operation and performance optimization.

We understand the importance of swift resolutions. That's why we guarantee a prompt response, enabling your internal support teams to assist users with the utmost speed and efficiency.

security and data control

Our on-premises installation empowers you with the ability to create security measures that align perfectly 4 with your unique requirements and standard operating procedures-

Your data sovereignty remains intact as you customize security protocols, ensuring they precisely match your needs. This level of customization not only enhances security but also streamlines compliance, allowing you to meet and exceed regulatory requirements with confidence. Your platform, your security, your compliance—every step of the way.

cost predictability

Opting for our on-premises installation means you gain cost predictability.

By utilizing your own data center, you maintain full control over your infrastructure costs, ensuring you can plan your budget with confidence. This cost-effective approach empowers you with the flexibility to allocate resources where needed most, while eliminating recurring subscription expenses and data transfer fees.

optimized performance

With on-premises installation, you gain full control over your servers, network, and databases.

By leveraging the capabilities of your own data center, you can unlock the potential for optimal performance and reduced latency, ensuring that your improve platform operates at its peak efficiency.

improve managed cloud services

Experience Hassle-Free Management

For those seeking a more hands-off approach to software deployment, our Managed Cloud Service offers a seamless alternative. With this option, you simply provide your AWS account, and we take care of the rest. From installation and updates to ongoing support, it's all covered under a convenient subscription model. This encompasses the necessary documentation required for a regulated industry, such as installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ).

deployment and maintenance

We manage the complete lifecycle of your software platform. From the initial installation process to all future updates, our dedicated team ensures your system remains up-to-date, secure, and operating at peak performance. You can rely on us to keep your software current, requiring minimal IT involvement from your end

harness the power of growth

AWS offers a distinct advantage when it comes to scalability and elasticity. As your business evolves, you can seamlessly expand your infrastructure to match your needs.

AWS provides the elasticity needed to handle sudden spikes and long term growth in traffic or resource requirements. Your infrastructure adapts effortlessly to maintain optimal performance, ensuring a consistently smooth experience for your users.

support and training

Within our subscription model, you not only benefit from comprehensive support for your users. Our support team is ensuring your users receive the assistance they require.

Beyond support, we offer user training programs designed to empower your team to harness the full potential of our software. These resources enable your users to maximize their efficiency and proficiency, helping them make the most out of our powerful platform.

security and data control

As the customer, you own the AWS account, granting you full control over your data and access to it. Your data sovereignty is preserved, ensuring you have the final say over how your data is managed.

improve integrates seamlessly with your internal authorization systems, streamlining user management and providing you with complete control over data access permissions.

cost structure

Under the subscription model, your costs encompass access to the platform, comprehensive support, and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, please be aware that your AWS account costs will be determined by the size and usage of your setup.

high availability

We prioritize uninterrupted service delivery. Even in the face of infrastructure issues or disasters, our Managed Cloud Services are designed to maintain high availability, minimizing disruptions to your operations and ensuring business continuity.

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