streamline and trace data analysis

Focussed on modeling & simulation, biostatistical analysis and data science.

improve repository

global and secure file storage

The repository provides global and secure file storage that allows access for all users within an organisation. Every file and folder that exists in the repository is version and security controlled. The repository server uses HTTPS to communicate with its clients. Authentication can be performed using an LDAP Server like ActiveDirectory. A sophisticated authorisation mechanism allows you to protect your files. You can host multiple repositories, to be accessed by all users. The repository server may be accessed by the improve workbench or read only using the web based improve repository browser.

improve data management

represent any complex analysis as an easy to read hierarchical diagram

In the blink of an eye analysts can see which model is used, what its input and output values are, how it was combined in the analysis, what specific tool was used or simply whether it was executed or not. Core features are:

data lineage

For our customers, data collection and management is a key factor for research and business success.

In order to get valuable information of the collected and processed data in terms of the data’s movements, characteristics, and quality, a strong data lineage solution is essential.

audit trail

By capturing the WHO and WHEN in a detailed way, improve is capable of simply exporting audit trails for any resource of interest.

As audit trails become more and more a base requirement for regulatory project submissions, improve provides the detailed audit trail at any time with a few clicks.

file history

improve generates a new version of a file each time it is modified. Users can browse parental and revision history of files or compare different history versions of files.

This gives you a deep insight into the evolution of your data. If an older version of a file is identified as more relevant it can be set to being the most recent one with a click.

data manipulation graph

By introducing the data manipulation graph (DMG), the improve platform was extended with a flexible and fast data provenance visualization framework.

Using the DMG, users can browse their data interactively based on their parental history, and actual tool executions can be performed on it.


A combination of full text and structured search helps the users to discover and retrieve data.

The reuse of code and documentation lowers lead times and risks. Publishing features keep the data within the system and prevent parallel storage.


improve gives you the possibility to document your thoughts and decisions for every action.

This makes it easy to reuse your work for yourself, your organisation or even larger collaborations.

improve 3rd party software integration

improve run environment

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our software's versatile run environments. Say goodbye to repetitive configurations, as you only need to set up your analysis step once. Whether you prefer working locally, on a server, a high-performance computing cluster, or in the cloud, our platform keeps you in control without ever leaving improve. This applies not only to 3rd-party software executed in batch mode but also to user-friendly interfaces like RStudio and Monolix.


Docker provides a stable environment during the analysis and gives full control over all software versions.

Distribute the complete environment used for the analysis including all the software, a script to run the analysis and even the data.


Multiple possibilities to integrate grid technologies (SGE, LSF, Slurm) within the improve run environments help your organization to leverage your in-house HPC resources.

Grid options and queue selections can optionally be surfaced to the user. Live monitoring of output files and processes help keep track and stop erroneous runs if necessary.

exploratory work

A local run environment allows the user to integrate and configure their own tools. improve is a transparent workbench offering tools for reviewing and reproducible executions.

This allows the organisation to keep their own workflows. Free exploratory work can happen besides validated regulatory compliant work.

improve saves time, enhances efficiency and makes collaboration easy.

Apart from modeling & data simulation improve includes tools and features for team communication and collaboration, offline work, messaging and notification services, review services and reporting plus a scalable search interface and an extensive API.

Collaborative workflows

improve fosters a culture of collaboration throughout the data science workflow, transforming how teams work together. Share scripts or entire analysis steps effortlessly with your colleagues. Access the analysis steps of other users and leverage them to build your own.

You can also compare results with existing ones, enabling real-time collaboration and knowledge exchange that drives your data science efforts to new heights.

Collaborative reviews

Request reviews from your colleagues seamlessly. improve assists you in the identification of files and analysis steps based on their usage in reports or final results, giving you the autonomy to choose the elements you need to review. Reviewers can provide feedback, which is meticulously documented and stored within improve, ensuring that valuable insights are preserved.

Effortless sharing

Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues across your organization using improve's sharing capabilities. Whether you're sharing with other improve users or colleagues who rely on different tools, our platform guarantees secure access to the data you need.

Your shared data remains protected while maintaining a detailed audit log, ensuring the utmost security and transparency in your collaborative efforts. Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange that propels your organization forward.

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