DDMoRE workpackage “Thoughtflow”

scinteco’s contribution to the ddmore project was successful. Here is a video that shows what we have done. In addition a scientific paper was created by the […]

more grid support

scinteco added support for further tools and high performance systems to improve. The leading modeling & simulation platform now does support SGE, LSF and SLURM.

Cooperation with DDMoRE

During the international PAGE conference in Lissabon scinteco and the DDMoRe consortium agreed on a cooperation. Scinteco will provide a web-based interface to visualize pharmacometric workflow generated […]

First number cruncher in the cloud

As a first in the industry scinteco released a new version of the modeling & simulation platform improve, that is able to leverage grid computing resources (e.g. […]

Meet scinteco at ACOP 6

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scinteco at page 2015

scinteco presents the current version of improve at the PAGE conference in Hersonissos. Participants may register to be among the first to test the new version 1.2 […]

improve V1.1 is available

The new version supports the open source database Postgres in addition to Oracle. Another new feature is the execution of jobs in the grid.