Short introduction to improve
An overview about the repository
The improve workbench
A day in the life of an analyst
Improve Repository

The repository provides a global and secure file store that allows access for all users within an organization. Every file and folder that exists in the repository is version and security controlled. The repository also keeps track of the parental relationships of the files and folders. The Audit Trail keeps track of the “who what when where and why” of your changes. The full text search capability allows to search all files and folders you have access to.

Regulatory Compliant File Management

The improve repository provides standard file management features like the capability to create, import export, rename, move, delete the folders and files etc.. Users can import and edit various file formats – from image files to datasets or text files, word documents or 3rd party tool script files. All of those files can be opened and edited either directly in improve or outside the application. Each time a file is modified a new version is created and the old version is archived with detailed information about the who, what, when, where and why.

Secure and Scalable File Store

The Repository Server uses HTTPS to communicate with its clients. Authentication can be performed using an LDAP Server like ActiveDirectory. A sophisticated authorization mechanism allows you to protect your files. You can host multiple repositories being accessed by all users using the improve Workbench.

Search Capabilities

The Repository Server allows for searching all of your files. The search capability is security aware. Only files you have access to are searched. File content and metadata is searched. Many file types such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Open Office and many more are supported. The use of a search index makes you search large amounts of data in less then a second.