Short introduction to improve
An overview about the repository
The improve workbench
A day in the life of an analyst
Introduction to Improve

Subject Matter Expert of scinteco, Tom Rott, gives a short introdution to Improve and shows the basic elements of the user interface. Improve stores your data in a global and secure file repository allowing for validation by providing a regulatory compliant audit trail. The workbench allows for performing analysis with your favorite 3rd party tool against local, GRID or Cloud. Whatever you perform with your data, improve will help you to keep track of your files AND your decisions.

Repository Explorer

The Repository Explorer gives access to the files and folders of the selected repository. It also allows your to manage your Analysis Trees, Steps and Reviews.

File Viewing and Editing

Improve provides inline editors and viewers for a large number of different file types such as text files, images, etc. The ability to check out files allows you to use an external program, such as word, to edit your documents.

Files View

The Files View shows you the details about the files of a particular folder. It allows for the standard file operations and more. You can access the history and explore the parental relationships of a particular file.